Nearer, Still nearer


Nearer, Still nearer,

Close to Thy heart

Draw me, my Savior

So precious thou art.

Fold me, O fold me

Close to thy breast

Shelter me safe

In that haven of rest.


Nearer, still nearer

Nothing I bring

Nought as an offering

To Jesus my King.

Only my sinful

Now contrite heart

Grant me Thy cleansing

Thy blood doth impart


Nearer still nearer

Lord to be thine

Sin with its follies

I gladly resign.

All of its pleasures

Pomp and its pride

Give me but Jesus

My Lord crucified.


Nearer, still nearer

While life shall last

Till safe in glory

My anchor is cast.

Through endless ages

Ever to be

Nearer my Savior

Still nearer to Thee.


Mrs. C. H. Morris